Motorcyclist in critical condition after being dragged under car in 5-vehicle pile-up

Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

A motorcyclist is in critical condition after being dragged under the wheels of a car amid a five-vehicle pile-up this morning.

According to Apple Daily, a 32-year-old male surnamed Choi was driving a motorcycle bearing a “P” (or probationary) plate — indicating he’d only recently passed his license exam for the vehicle — along Lung Cheung Road at 7am this morning.

Dash cam video posted online, which some readers may find upsetting, shows the moment a dark blue Honda Civic behind Choi bumps into his bike, and knocks him off it, before then running him over.

In the video, Choi can be seen slowing down his bike. The Honda Civic behind him seems to be doing hte same before suddenly jolting forward as a red taxi comes into view, and hitting the back of Choi’s bike.

When he falls onto the road, he is then dragged underneath the wheels of the car, as two other vehicles — a white Honda, and a light-goods vehicle — also get caught up in the collision.

A video report by HK01 shows an unidentified caucasian woman crouching underneath the blue Honda telling Choi: “Just stay with me, well done sir, well done, nice and calm OK?” as he lies underneath the vehicle.

The website reports the woman was a motorist, but it is not clear from reports if she was driving one of the vehicles involved in the pile-up.

Choi was subsequently rushed to the hospital. A female taxi passenger surnamed Ma was also sent to hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries.

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