Most Hongkongers prefer not to receive mooncakes over Mid-Autumn Festival

The majority of Hongkongers do not like receiving mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival, a new survey has shown. Sucks to be them.

Green Power, which has been campaigning to reduce waste during Hong Kong’s traditional festivals since 2004, found that although 68 percent of us choose to give mooncakes over the festival, 69 percent of us would prefer not to receive them.

Those interviewed said they would rather family and friends show their gratitude in other ways, such as with a dinner or simply companionship for a spot of moon-gazing.

According to the group’s latest survey on waste, the average Hong Kong family consumes 8.31 moon cakes over the festival and throws away 0.76. Although the waste is at an all-time low, the figure means that 1.85 million cakes will still be thrown in the trash this year.

We dread to think how many calories that equates to.

Green Power’s senior conservation manager Henry Lui Tak-hang suggested potential gifters contact potential recipients to ask if they really do care about getting mooncakes this year.

Good luck making that call to Granny!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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