More books printed after CY Leung criticises and accidentally promotes subversive text

Student protesters hold a giant cardboard cut-out of CY Leung’s face as they hold a pro-democracy march to his house on Sep. 25, 2014. (Laurel Chor/Coconuts Media)

In yesterday’s policy address, Chief Executive CY Leung pointed fingers at 20-year-old Brian Leung, an HKU student who wrote an article on the possibility of Hong Kong’s independence from China.

In the article, B. Leung writes that as long as a community has the collective will, then it should have the right to determine its future, including independence (if that’s what it wants).

CY Leung said the article, entitled “Hong Kong People Deciding Their Own Fate”, “advocates that Hong Kong should find a way to self-reliance and self-determination,” reports the New York Times’ Alan Wong.

“We must stay alert,” the chief executive continued. “We also ask political figures with close ties to the leaders of the student movement to advise them against putting forward such fallacies.”

B. Leung wrote the article for the February cover story of HKU’s student union publication, and it has also published in a book entitled “Hong Kong Nationalism”, a compilation of articles published in September.

The book’s had an original run of 2,500 copies, but “thanks to CY Leung’s promotion, we’re printing more copies”, said B. Leung.

Three thousand more, in fact. Whoops, CY Leung! 

“There’s no significant popular support for Hong Kong’s independence, so I’m advocating that we fight for as much autonomy as possible under the ‘One Country, Two Systems,’ principle,” B. Leung told the New York Times.

“But if we don’t have a universal and equal suffrage in 2017, more people, and I, would side with independence.”

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