Minibus crackdown: Police op to curb dangerous driving nets three drivers, two footstools

One minibus driver was arrested for adding two footstools on his bus as extra seats. Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

Hong Kong’s minibus drivers — not known as the calmest motorists in town — are in the sights of the city’s police force, who’ve detained three individuals as they crackdown on unsafe driving among the group.

Focused on speeding, jumping red lights, and carrying too many passengers, among other offenses, the operation resulted in three arrests, and 17 penalty notices, while five minibuses were impounded, according to HK01.

Of those arrested — all male drivers — two, a 61-year-old surnamed Wong, and a 66-year-old surnamed Lee, were accused of dangerous driving.

Wong, detained in the early hours of  May 6, was nabbed for dangerous driving on a route between Mong Kok and Yuen Long after being stopped by officers on Castle Peak Road.

Lee, meanwhile, was stopped yesterday morning after jumping three red lights and being clocked at driving 80km/h in a 50km/h zone on his route between Sha Tau Kok to Sheung Shui. He was carrying four passengers at the time, according to HK01.

Both were bailed and told to report to police.

The third driver detained, a 59-year-old surnamed Lau, was stopped on Tai Po Tai Wo Road on May 11 in relation to a traffic fine.

An inspection of his red-topped minibus, found that two footstools had been placed at the back and the front of the vehicle to create three additional seats, bringing the total number of minibus seats to 19.

Unimpressed by the resourcefulness, police said the makeshift seating was a health and safety hazard, as one of the footrests was blocking the emergency exit.

Officers also discovered that the seatbelt on the driver’s seat was broken, and that the fire extinguisher in the vehicle was out of date. Surprise.

During the operation, police also impounded five minibuses that were allegedly in violation of the Road Traffic (Construction and Maintenance of Vehicles ) Regulations, and issued fixed penalty notices to another 17 drivers for violations including not following traffic lights, crossing double white lines, using mobile phones while driving, and not ensuring passengers wear seatbelts.

Or, as it’s commonly known, the Hong Kong minibus experience.

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