Man sends rat soaring into the air with ‘shadowless kick’

Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

Gather round, friends, and gaze in awe at this video of a man sending a rat flying several meters into the air with a frankly amazing kick.

God damn, would you just look at that punt. Incredible.

So how did this all happen then? Well, Apple Daily reports as follows. The two cleaners — spectators to the rat-meets-boot moment  — had been trying, and failing, to capture the critter in a corner of Wong Tai Sin’s Tsz Hong Estate about 11am on Wednesday.

The rat, fast and nifty, had almost escaped their clutches when the passerby — sporting a grey t-shirt, comfortable looking tracksuit pants, and a handy shoulder satchel — showed up.

Whether he had any martial arts training or football experience perhaps we’ll never know.

What happened next suggests that he must, at the very least, have had some sort of natural instinct for kicking things, something genetic.

Because, after setting himself, distributing his body weight evenly, achieving good balance, he just let rip and, with a direct shoe-to-rat hit, sent the rodent soaring over the heads of the stunned cleaners.

While some can be heard laughing in disbelief in the background, the female cleaner swung back into action.

“It’s fainted,” she yells, before running toward to stupefied rat and killing it with a stick.

The eyewitness named Kenny who filmed the moment later told the newspaper that the man had demonstrated what’s known in kung fu circles as the “shadowless kick” — a move so fast and powerful that an opponent barely has time to notice it.

Here it is being demonstrated by Bruce Lee.

For some, however, the presence of rats on the housing estate is no laughing matter.

Wong Tai Sin district councillor Ho Hon-man said the housing estate — and the Wong Tai Sin area in general — has had a rodent problem.

He urged the authorities to step up measures to tackle the increasing rat population, especially in light of local media reports that a man living in the area became the first recorded instance of a human contracting hepatitis E from a rat.

One man, obviously, has already stepped up. Stepped up and punted.

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