Man who passed out and died on Mong Kok street lay undiscovered for two hours

Screenshot: Apple Daily

A man who fainted on a Mong Kok street this morning was found to be dead two hours later when a concerned passerby spotted him lying on the ground.

A pedestrian, surnamed Tang, called police just after 8:30am to say that a man had fainted on the ground outside 288 Portland Street.

Responding paramedics who arrived at scene confirmed that the 65-year-old man, surnamed Lai, was dead. He is suspected to have been dead for at least two hours, Apple Daily reports.

Police checked the deceased’s phone records and found that he called 999 at about 6am saying that he felt “unwell and dizzy”. An ambulance was sent to a section of Prince Edward Road West near Portland Street, roughly 500 meters away from where the body was later found, but returned because they could not locate the caller, HK01 reports.

Initial investigations revealed no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

In a similar case in November 2013, a 79-year-old man with serious asthma was found dead five hours after he fainted in Hoi Sham Park, To Kwa Wan.

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