Man hijacks minibus in the middle of the night, makes HKD100 off unsuspecting passengers

In what is possibly the strangest joyride case we’ve ever heard of, a Hong Kong man reportedly stole a green minibus and actually did a shift in the early hours of today.

A minibus driver parked his van outside Kai Tsui Court in Siu Sai Wan after finishing his shift at around 12am today and went to have a midnight snack, Apple Daily reports. When he returned approximately 50 minutes later, the bus was inexplicably gone.

When he asked his colleagues to help him find the mysteriously missing minibus, one of his fellow drivers said he spotted a bus matching its description in Sai Wan Ho.

At around 3am, the vanishing van finally made its way back to the stop at Kai Tsui Court, where its actual driver and his boss were angrily waiting to confront the thief, a 34-year-old man surnamed Yeung.

The hoodwinking hijacker had apparently even made over HKD100 in cash fares after he told unsuspecting passengers that the Octopus card machine was broken. The nerve!

In an exchange that was caught on video, the real driver can be seen rather rightfully asking Yeung what on Earth he was doing, to which he sheepishly replied “I was just testing it. I wanted to try it again. I used to be a driver on this route. Give me a chance, please.” 

Sure, because that’s an acceptable thing for ex-employees to do. Oh wait, it’s not.

When he was informed that the police had been called, Yeung poorly attempted to bargain, saying, “I’ll give you back the bus.” Yeah, seems like a foregone conclusion, dude.

“I hadn’t driven in a while, I just wanted to practise my driving,” the impostor protested, to which the real driver retorted, “Hey, if you killed somebody out there, or crashed my bus, what the hell is going to happen to me? Who do I hold responsible? You’re not a driver, you’re not with our company!” 

Police later arrived to arrest Yeung on suspicion of taking a conveyance without authority. He reportedly drove the 47M minibus route between Siu Sai Wan and Chai Wan for five days last year before quitting. 

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