Man held down by group of men after being caught taking photos of woman on MTR (video)

Screengrabs via YouTube.

Several men on the MTR recently pounced on a suspected perv after he was accused of snapping sly pictures of a female passenger.

Video of at least four men subduing the 33-year-old suspect was yesterday posted by, which reported the alleged sleaze, surnamed Tsang, was later arrested by police for taking surreptitious shots of the woman’s torso.

According to the news outlet, the incident took place on Wednesday evening when Tsang was taking the train home from Jordan station.

An MTR spokesperson told the outlet that passengers called the captain via the train’s emergency intercom at around 10pm, requesting a member of station staff to get on the train.

The spokesperson said that a 23-year-old female passenger alleged that a male passenger was taking photos of her. After spotting the man, she made sure to shout out loud enough for fellow passengers to hear, it was reported.

Tsang tried to escape but was restrained by other male passengers on board the train who held him down.

A member of MTR staff got on the train at Mong Kok MTR station, and police arrived at Prince Edward station, the next stop, and took over the case.

It is not clear if the photos included any upskirt snaps, but reported that the female passenger was wearing a crop top at the time of the incident.

The news outlet reported that the police initially treated the case as indecent assault, but it was reclassified as “disorder in a  public place.”

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