Man endures 7-hour wait for surgery to have metal bar removed from arm

Screenshot via Apple Daily video.

In a city where queues are a common sight, one construction worker may have endured the most frustrating, not to mention painful, wait of them all, spending seven hours waiting for surgeons to remove a metal bar from his arm.

According to Apple Daily, the 40-year-old’s day went from normal to ‘oh shit’ at about 11am on Tuesday, when, while working at a construction site in Lai Chi Kok, he impaled his arm on a sharp segment of rebar.

The man, surnamed Tang, was taken quickly to Princess Margaret hospital, with photos published showing the small metal rod protruding from his left arm.

Unfortunately — or fortunately — he wasn’t the worst case in the reportedly understaffed emergency ward.

After seven hours of waiting, Tang was transferred to a private hospital where he had the surgery.

Though the family feared the delay may have left Tang at risk of infection, according to HK01 he’s recovering.

“The company will handle everything else, I’m just anxious to get back to work,” he told the outlet, adding he had a 10-year-old son to support.

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