Man arrested after trying to burgle restaurant and getting locked inside

Photo (for illustration) Google Earth
Photo (for illustration) Google Earth

During hard times, it’s important to remember to enjoy the life’s little pleasures and find things that make you laugh — like this idiot would-be-burglar who had to be busted out of a sushi restaurant that he broke into by the police.

At around 11pm yesterday, police officers received a call that the security alarm had been tripped at a branch of Sushi Express on Cheung Sha Wan Road in Sham Shui Po. Oriental Daily reports that officers rushed onto the scene and found that the metal shutter outside the shop was closed, leading them to believe someone was inside.

The restaurant manager unlocked the shutter, leading officers to find a “panicky” man inside. Upon interrogating the sush-picious individual, police determined that he had sneaked into the restaurant before closing with the intention of ransacking the place.

Unfortunately for the wannabe thief, it’s pretty hard temaki a smooth exit when you end up getting locked in and sounding an alarm — if anything, he just served himself up on a platter. The man, surnamed Meng, was promptly arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary and taken in for questioning.

We’re still wondering how he planned on getting out — was he going to stay in the shop overnight and hope that staff didn’t check him when they unlocked the gate in the morning? Or was he hoping to melt the metal lock with a thick layer of wasabi? Sure it sounds stupid, but so does getting yourself locked inside a place you’re trying to steal from.

Maybe next time he can team up with the genius who locked himself inside the arcade he wanted to burgle, got released by unsuspecting cops, then returned to be arrested when they asked him to “fill out some forms”.

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