Legco shenanigans: Lawmakers carried out during controversial co-location bill reading

Lam Cheuk-ting is carried out of the Legislative Council. Screengrab via YouTube.

There were dramatic scenes at the Legislative Council today as five lawmakers were forced out of the chamber during a meeting over controversial plans to place a joint-immigration checkpoint at West Kowloon station.

Legco president Andrew Leung ejected Ted Hui, Au Nok-hin, Roy Kwong, Lam Cheuk-ting, and Andrew Wan after they refused to heed his calls for calm.

The fracas erupted as transport and housing secretary Frank Chan tried to wrap up the second reading of a bill to set up a joint immigration checkpoint at the West Kowloon express rail station.

As Chan spoke, members of the pro-democracy side, who are opposed to the plans, tried to raise a point of order.

Lawmakers were questioning Leung’s decision to wrap up debate on the issue, to which the president replied that he had already explained his decision in writing.

Leung allowed Chan to continue making his final remarks, and in a live feed of the meeting, Chan can be seen pulling his lapel microphone closer to his mouth as as lawmakers yell “shame.”

Lam was carried out of the chamber along with his Democratic party colleague Wan.

Shortly afterwards, Roy Kwong stood on his desk in protest and was also carried out by Legco security guards.

Hui was booted out shortly afterwards, and Au was also told to leave because he stood behind the transport secretary throughout his speech holding a placard protesting the co-location bill

Lawmakers are disputing the constitutionality of a proposed checkpoint arrangement at the West Kowloon train station, which would allow mainland Chinese officials to carry out immigrations and customs procedures in Hong Kong.

The government announced in July that the controversial arrangement for the new train line would involve “leasing” land to the mainland and effectively giving up Hong Kong jurisdiction in a part of the west Kowloon terminus.

The Hong Kong Bar Association has criticized the proposed arrangement saying it “irreparably breached” the Basic Law — the city’s mini-constitution — and undermined the rule of law.

In March, name of the controversial train line was revealed as “Vibrant Express”.

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