Johannes Chan slams Arthur Li as ‘unfit’ to be HKU council chairman

Ever since the official rejection of Professor Johannes Chan as Pro-Vice Chancellor back in late September, staff, students, and alumni have professed disapproval in mass proportions. 

The rejection has led to organized protest, silent marches and public media sessions. In the latest jab at Arthur Li, Chan described Li as “not the type of person to lead [HKU’s governing body]”, according to the SCMP.

“Arthur simply is not the type of person for that job”, Chan said. “Whoever is in power should have the courage to be inclusive and bring people together.”

Alright, tell us how you really feel.

Chan notably disapproved of Li being appointed as the next council chairman after the seat has been left vacant. 

Tim O’Leary, Professor of the School of Humanities, organised the HKU Vigilance Group in hopes of achieving future autonomy from the government. Many alumni and current students have expressed similar sentiments as Chan.  

Chan was rejected by a 12-8 vote as Pro-Vice Chancellor, despite being the lone candidate on the ballot.

“It is sad for people who work in social science or the humanities which bring them into conflict on politically sensitive issues,” he said.

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