Hongkonger sends photos of lawmaker Regina Ip to WhatsApp stranger posing as internationally traveled pilot

When the stranger asked to see photos, she sent him pictures of steely-eyed lawmaker Regina Ip on vacation. Photos: LIHKG
When the stranger asked to see photos, she sent him pictures of steely-eyed lawmaker Regina Ip on vacation. Photos: LIHKG

What do you do when a stranger attempts to hit you up on WhatsApp?

You can ignore the messages, say you’re not interested, block the person—or you can send them photos of a steely-eyed Regina Ip.

In a thread on popular forum LIHKG on Monday night, a user posted a WhatsApp exchange with somebody who introduced himself as “Frank Wisdom.”

Photo: LIHKG
Photo: LIHKG

Claiming to be an internationally traveled pilot hoping to come to Hong Kong because he has “plans for investing,” Wisdom sent photos purportedly of him on airport runways and in an airplane cockpit. (The pictures appear to be lifted from the profile of an Instagram-famous German pilot called Patrick Biedenkapp.)

Wisdom texting from a +66 number, the dial code for Thailand.

Photo: LIHKG
Photo: LIHKG

When he asks to see the LIHKG user’s photos, she sends pictures of 70-year-old Ip lounging on a lawn chair for a foot massage and lying down on a bench with her legs crossed.

Photo: LIHKG
Photo: LIHKG

“I only share with you,” she says mockingly, asking him not to show the photos to anyone else.

“Wow you look so beautiful,” Wisdom responds.

The two chat more, with Wisdom asking if she is married or if she has kids. He tells her that he is single, and even tries calling her.

She adds midway in the conversation as he sends more jet-setting photos, “I can’t believe that you look so handsome.”

At one point, she tells Wisdom that she is with a friend at the moment, and he asks to see a picture of them hanging out.

She sends him a photo of Ip, wearing a black turtleneck, with a man in what appears to be a hotel lobby. (A scroll through the lawmaker’s Instagram page shows the photo was posted last January, and according to her caption, the man pictured is his tour guide when she was vacationing in Istanbul, Turkey.

Photo: LIHKG
Photo: LIHKG

Ip, one of the more outspoken—and more social media active—members of the pro-establishment party, frequently shares her personal photos of her hikes in the city’s outskirts and pre-pandemic travels around the world.

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The thread quickly went viral on LIHKG, with many speculating that the man was attempting to pull off some sort of investment scam.

Some said they had received similar messages from the same person.

“This f***er messaged me on WhatsApp a few days ago. I said I am a businessman and then I blocked the f***er,” one person wrote.

Another shared screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation with someone with a profile picture of the Instagram-famous pilot. Typing in simplified Chinese, the man identified himself as David and said he wants to make friends.

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