Hong Kong’s lead in water epidemic spills over into luxury residences

Oh no! It’s not just poor Hongkongers who have excessive amounts of lead in their water supply. It’s rich people too. That’s just outrageous!

After seven public housing estates were found to be supplying water that contains more lead than WHO guidelines last month, a luxury housing project has reported the same.

According to Apple Daily, taps in the kitchens of The Caldecott’s Banquet Hall (that’s how posh it is) were found to be spilling out 19 milligrams of lead per litre, almost double the WHO limit of 10 milligrams per litre.

All 44 flats in the Kowloon development will now be tested, with results expected in five days’ time.

With most units boasting a usable area of 1,650 square feet and one flat recently selling for HKD27.5 million, those living at the Caldecott no doubt expect better.

As the SCMP’s Harry Harrison so aptly put it in his latest cartoon, at prices like that there should be gold, not lead, in the water. 


Photo: Steve Johnson

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