Hong Kong stall owner stopped from selling dog furs

A stall owner in Sham Shui Po had reportedly been selling suspected dog furs for HKD300 apiece until last Saturday, when a visit from the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department ended his sketchy practice.
A concerned citizen spotted the brown furs for sale on Kweilin Street, and, having concluded that they were dog furs, reported the shop owner to the department, reports the Hong Kong Animal Post (source: EJI).
When the curious individual questioned the stall owner, he apparently claimed that the furs were from Tibetan mastiffs raised in Beijing.
However, when inspectors from the department demanded to see the shop owner’s business licence, he hurriedly hid the furs out of sight. We wonder if he trotted out that age old excuse of his dog eating them… not that we’re advocating cannibalism.
The owner later told reporters that he acted lawfully and had disposed of the furs, which had been purchased from a friend, apparently.
In line with the Hong Kong’s Rabies Regulation, an individual must possess a permit from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department in order to import dog and cat skins. However, the sale of such items is not regulated.
The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals encourages those who find people selling dog furs to call its hotline on (+852) 2711-1000.

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