Hong Kong police seen transporting “rubber baton” barrels

Hong Kong police have been videotaped and photographer transporting what look like rubber bullets to Hong Kong Government Headquarters.

A video upload about an hour ago to Facebook shows the police carrying flags, shields and barrels that in the description are identified as #8MM Rubber Baton Multi.  



A tweet from SCMP Mojo shows the barrel’s label more clearly. 


#HongKong police seem to be very openly re-supplying riot equipment #OccupyCentral @SCMP_News pic.twitter.com/ycQGtLhZEj

— SCMP VideoMoJo (@SCMPVideoMoJo) October 2, 2014


Adescription of the 37mm Ruber Baton Multi from weapon retailer Atlantic Tactical is below.

The 37 mm Multiple Rubber Baton is a 8 in. casing that contains five rubber projectiles and utilizes black powder as the propellant. It is most widely used as a crowd management tool by Law Enforcement and Corrections. As a pain compliance round for crowd control, it is most suitable at medium to extended ranges of fire, approximately 40 -75 feet. It is ideal for correctional facilities where multiple impacts from greater stand-off distances may be desired for countering yard distances.

 Hong Kong police looked to be transporting 38mm rounds. We’re not sure what this means but stay safe out there, kids. 


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