Hong Kong people take the fewest family vacations in the world, says survey

Photo (for illustration only): Myriam Tsen-Kung/Coconuts Media

Those who don’t have children often complain about traveling with kids; now, it seems like Hong Kong parents might agree with them.

According to a recent poll commissioned by travel booking website Expedia, Hong Kong people take the fewest family vacations in the world, and almost half of Hong Kong parents say they don’t like to travel with their children, HK01 reports.

The poll, which was carried out by opinion research company North Star surveyed 17,079 people from 28 countries and regions across the world about their family travel habits. Of those people, Hongkongers were least inclined to go on family vacations, with 47 percent of local respondents saying they “do not enjoy” traveling with their children, compared with just 10 percent of Finnish parents who responded the same way.

Out of 627 Hongkongers who responded to the survey, a little under three percent saying they would actually prefer to leave their children at home when traveling abroad. When quizzed about their ideal travel companions, only a third of Hong Kong parents said they would choose their children over their partners, with some citing economic reasons.

Expedia said in a press conference today that they believe Hongkongers take less frequent family holidays than other parents because of their longer working hours and fewer paid annual leave days — local respondents had an average of 14 paid holidays, the lowest out of all countries and regions surveyed.

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