Hong Kong entertainer dismisses rape allegation as ‘fake news’

Photo via Facebook.
Photo via Facebook.

Veteran Hong Kong entertainer Eric Tsang has denied raping a former actress, after old footage of the woman discussing an alleged episode of sexual assault re-emerged, but with previously bleeped-out names included in the audio.

The 64-year-old issued a statement on his Weibo account yesterday saying that a video interview with Yammie Lam, that has been circulating on mainland social media, was not true, and that it was inaccurately edited to include his name.

The video in question is a 2013 interview with with Lam, who left the entertainment industry in 2004.

In the interview by Next Magazine, Lam alleged that two big names in the Hong Kong entertainment industry raped her decades ago, and that the incident took place in Singapore.

However, the celebrity gossip magazine bleeped the names of the two alleged rapists, and did not reveal their identities.

But in a video of the same interview with Lam that resurfaced online this week, the names are not concealed and the attackers are identified as Tsang and actor-producer-director Alan Tang, who passed away in 2011.

According to the Star Online,  Tsang said he has engaged a law firm to take action against the video.

Following the emergence of the video, Han Yinghua, former Asia Pacific president of Ford Modeling Agency, also stepped forward to accuse Tsang of sexually predatory behavior.

Han posted on her Weibo account yesterday that one of her models had her drink spiked by Tsang when they were at a karaoke bar in Hong Kong.

Eric Tsang is a 64-year-old actor-producer-director who has been a veteran of the Hong Kong entertainment industry since the 1970s.

He is often the master of ceremonies for events organized by television network TVB, including the Miss Hong Kong beauty pageant, and has appeared in a number of well-known Hong Kong films including Infernal Affairs and He’s a Woman, She’s a Man.

A representative of his daughter, Taiwanese pop singer Bowie Tsang, told Apple Daily: “I believe him, let my father speak for himself.”

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