Hong Kong hog wrestle finally comes to an end as wild boar is tranquilised

The wild boar chase that has captivated Hongkongers’ attention for the past few days has apparently ended, as the SCMP reports AFCD officials were finally successful in tranquilising the animal.

A wild pig that was sighted in Hong Kong Park earlier today ran circles around officers for four hours, breaking through police lines and hiding from riot shield-toting officers until it was finally tempted by apples, in an unnecessarily cruel twist of fate.

The boar, which is believed by some (including us) to be the same little piggie that outwitted officials for hours on end earlier this week, was shot with a tranquiliser dart and captured in a net. An AFCD spokesman told the SCMP that the boar was a pre-adult male, measuring around one metre in length.

He (who we will henceforth refer to as Babe) was reportedly in good condition, and is due to be released into a country park sometime today. It’s been fun while it lasted, Coconauts! #hkboarwatchforever


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