High and Dry: Man exits out the window during anti-drug raid, doesn’t get far

A picture of the man attempted to escape police. Picture (via Apple Daily footage – screenshot)

There was nowhere to run and only a very conspicuous place to hide.

As anti-drug police raided an apartment in Causeway Bay on the weekend, a man in a third-floor apartment headed for the window, only to find himself caught out on the ledge and in the sights of a bystander with mobile phone camera.

The footage, published by Apple Daily, shows the man, reportedly a Ugandan national, according to the outlet, shimmy along the outside of the building before seeming to realize there was nowhere else to go.

See the footage of the abortive escape attempt here.

The witness who shot the footage on Saturday at about 11pm, surnamed Choi, said he first feared the man was going to jump.

According to the outlet, an officer with Wan Chai district’s special duty team, which conducted the raid, talked the man back inside.

With the help of a police dog, police uncovered a small amount of drugs in the flat and some that had been dropped onto the road outside the building.

The man, 27, and a 28-year-old woman, also from Uganda, were arrested for drug possession.

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