Girl spotted on MTR misidentified as boyfriend slapper

Girlfriend who slapped her boyfriend 14 times in public (left); Crystal Ho, girl mistaken to be the boyfriend slapper (right) / Photo: Crystal Ho’s facebook

With over 700,000 hits on YouTube in less than three days, you’d think that if anyone spotted the boyfriend slapper, it’d be the correct person. Unfortunately for 18-year-old Crystal Ho, who is actually from Macau, was recently spotted on the MTR and misidentified as the girlfriend who slapped her boyfriend 14 times in public. See the video and our post here.

Crystal’s picture went viral as soon as it was posted on Facebook and Chloe, the girl who posted the picture, said that her sister spotted the boyfriend slapper on the MTRm knew who it was immediately, and was 100% sure.


Picture of Crystal circulating on the web, identified as the girlfriend who slapped her boyfriend 14 times / Photo: Crystal Ho’s facebook

Crystal has been facing sleepless nights trying to clear her name and face from the internet and is also being questioned about it at her new job. She thought she was in the clear, until a newspaper yesterday blew up her picture and printed it on the front page.


Crystal received an apology from Chloe via a voice message and says she forgives her misidentifying her, but is exploring her legal options for defamatory against news outlets and has reported the case as cyber bullying to the police.

Source: Next Media


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