​Gang of fearless wild boar seen regularly eating food next to hikers

A gang of 10 to 12 wild boar was photographed marching down a hill in Siu San Wan to eat food probably deliberately left out on the ground.

Regular hikers on Cape Collinson Road, who took the photo above, say that they have observed a group of boars arriving at a pavillion every day in the morning between 6am to 8am and again in the afternoon at around 3pm, reports Oriental Daily.

“Normally you can see a group of hikers eating and drinking tea in the pavilion, and now you can catch the sight of a group of wild boar eating next to them! These wild boar are totally fearless! “ said one hiker surnamed Lam.

Lam added that he is worried the wild boars may attack people for food. 

A representatives from the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) responded that they had received a complaint last month and have been regularly inspecting the area.

On July 12, AFCD found a man was deliberately feeding the boars. They have already prosecuted the suspect.

Clearly there’s another pro-pig criminal on the loose, or the suspect remains undeterred.
Photo via Internet 


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