False alarm: Broken toy causes Hong Kong Disneyland bomb panic

 An unusual parcel sent to Hong Kong Disneyland caused about 500 workers to be evacuated yesterday in a bomb scare – but it turns out it was only a Buzz Lightyear toy.

Police were summoned to the theme park on Lantau Island after being told that a suspicious package had been found addressed to Disneyland Hong Kong’s managing director Samuel Lau Wing-kee.

The mail room’s X-ray machine found that the package contained wires and a battery, RTHK reported.  

Besides police, counterterrorism forces and several fire engines and ambulances rushed to the scene. 

Ultimately it was just one big false alarm however.

“The theme park’s two sniffer dogs were also deployed to detect any dangerous goods and gave a positive indication to their handlers,” a source told SCMP.

The package contained only the Buzz Lightyear toy and a complaint letter from an angry father who said that the mechanical figure had stopped working soon after he gave it to his son.

For those who willfully shield themselves from pop culture: Buzz Lightyear is the famous audacious astronaut character from Disney’s blockbuster “Toy Story” animated movie franchise.

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