Elderly hiker’s body found on slope 5 days after being reported missing

Screenshot via Google Maps.

In tragic hiking news, emergency services yesterday found the body of an elderly man who failed to return home from a trek on Wednesday afternoon.

On Friday, November 30, police received a call from the family of 66-year-old Hong Wing-fai, who said that they haven’t heard from him since Wednesday.

According to HK01, the family suspected Kong may have left the family home in the Heng On Estate to go on a solo hike through Ma On Shan Country Park.

The website reports that the pensioner often visited the country park on his own during weekdays, while on.cc reports that he wanted to see the bamboo forest in Pyramid Hill in the south side of the trail.

Police and firemen found Hong’s body on a slope, about 1,000 meters away from the main trail on Sunday at about 2pm.

HK01 reports that his body was found in a part of the park that was difficult to reach. Hong’s body was airlifted from the scene at about 5pm that day.

Emergency services have yet to confirm the cause of death, but he was found with a scar on his body, and they have not ruled out that he may have slipped.

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