Cyclist dies after crashing bike into tree on MacLehose Trail

Screenshot: Apple Daily

A Hong Kong woman died yesterday after she lost control of her bicycle while cycling on the MacLehose Trail in Yuen Long and crashed into a tree.

The deceased, a 57-year-old retired social worker surnamed Chiang, was biking from Yuen Long to Tai Lam Country Park with her husband and six other friends at 10am yesterday, Oriental Daily reports.

The group was cycling down a slope in stage 10 of the Maclehose Trail, near Kat Hing Bridge, at around 2:35pm when Chiang, who was at the back, was heard yelling, “I can’t stop it!”, Apple Daily reports.

She crashed into a tree and fell off her bike, breaking her helmet.

Chiang’s husband called for an ambulance and the injured woman was rushed to Pok Oi Hospital with serious head injuries. The 57-year-old was certified dead at 3:37pm, according to a police statement.

All the cyclists reportedly wore helmets and protective pads. The bicycle belongs to the victim.

The Special Investigation Team from the police traffic unit in New Territories North is investigating the case. Anyone who witnessed the accident is urged to contact the police by calling 3661 3800.

Last July, another cyclist was killed near the scene of Chiang’s accident. The 32-year-old man was found dead 20 meters below the Tin Fu Tsai North Section Mountain Bike Trail, with his bicycle hanging on a tree.

According to the Transport Department, 2,238 bicycle-related accidents occurred last year, leading to the deaths of 14 people. The fatality rate of cyclists is of the highest among all means of transport.

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