CY Leung ducks LegCo questions over secret HKD50 mil. payments

Seems like LegCo is giving CY Leung a hard time in his question and answer sessions recently. After Claudia Mo put him on the spot about his obedience to Beijing, Democratic Party lawmaker Sin Chung-kai yesterday blasted him for the secret payments that came to light last year.

The Hong Kong Free Press reports that Sin said “You should be prosecuted by mainland China standards. [Former CE] Donald Tsang was prosecuted for misconduct in public office and you can be prosecuted for that as well, at least twice.”

Sin stated that Leung had not declared the payment he was due to receive to the Chief Justice before he came to office, asking “Don’t you think you should surrender yourself to the Independent Commission Against Corruption?” 

Leung said “Sin’s questions show he has not read, or ignored the written statements from me, from the government and from UGL. I have explained this event many times. I have nothing to add.”

Sin stressed that Leung had not responded to his question about turning himself in to the ICAC. However, LegCo president Jasper Tsang felt that he had.

“Long Hair” Leung Kwok-hung also complained that CY has a habit of dodging questions about issues such as his unproven claims that “external forces” were involved in the Occupy protests. Long Hair said, “I have asked you the same five questions continuously which you haven’t answered here […] or outside.”

Leung denied that he was evasive and told Jasper Tsang that he and his government colleagues have answered the questions posed to LegCo and society. 

Long Hair then gave the Chief Executive a clock, which is a death omen in Cantonese culture. Other lawmakers such as Albert Chan  and Ray Chan proceeded to throw satirical paper boards at Leung, after which they were subsequently ejected form the LegCo chamber.

This push for Leung to be held accountable for his shady business practices comes hot on the heels of the bill drafted by Labour Party Cyd Ho, who called for the chief executive to be governed by the same rules that apply to civil servants regarding the acceptance of gifts and advantages.

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Photo: CY Leung’s 2013 policy address, Wikimedia

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