Creeper Alert! Man pretends to be doctor, examines hospital patients

The police have arrested a man found loitering at a local hospital and posing as a fake physician.

The 24-year old “doctor” was stopped by security guards at the United Christian Hospital in Kwun Tong before he was apprehended by the police for the crime of being a super creepy-ass dude with misguided career fantasies. 

Police reports say that the suspect managed to get his hands on a fashionable white coat and a stethoscope to fool hospital personnel and patients at least ten times since March (!), report the SCMP and Apple Daily

He also borrowed a hospital card after telling staff that he had lost his card. Yes, it was that easy – who needs seven years of med school?

The man, who has not been identified by name, returned to Hong Kong from Australia last year after he failed his studies in medicine. However, he was apparently so hell bent on being a doctor that he decided to learn on the job.   

He currently works as a financial investment agent. 

Though he is not believed to have treated or given out medicines to patients, police sources say that he contacted two male patients and carried out “examinations.” We shiver at the thought.

The police are still investigating the incident and scouring security footage to determine if he tampered with patient records.

In light of the arrest, hospital personnel have upped security and urged staff members to report mysterious individuals roaming hospital grounds.

As of this afternoon, the man was still in detention at the Sau Mau Ping police station. Though he has not been officially charged, he can face up to three years in prison for his offence. Maybe he can finish his degree while he’s in jail. 

Photo: Apple Daily

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