The cost of froth: Hong Kong joint most expensive city in the world to buy a cappuccino

Your caffeine addiction may be costing you a lot more than withdrawal headaches and stained teeth.

According to a new study, Hong Kong is the joint most expensive city in the world to buy a cappuccino. 

The research, carried out by in a clear attempt to get some column inches (there you go, guys!), found Hong Kong and Dubai are the world’s priciest places to get a frothy coffee, with cappuccinos chiming in at an average of GBP2.94 (HKD34.4) a piece. 

This is more expensive than second-place Paris (GBP2.84 / HKD33.2), fourth-place HK deadly rivals Singapore (GBP2.69 / HKD31.5), fifth-place New York (GBP2.67 / HKD31.3) and sixth-place London (GBP2.57 / HKD30.1).

In fact, the cost of a cappu in Hong Kong is twice the price of the same beverage in Istanbul, where it’ll set you back a mere GBP1.62 (HKD18.9), and probably taste a whole lot better, too.

The results are based on the average prices of a medium cappuccino in McDonalds, Starbucks and listed on, a website sharing user-contributed data about cities and countries worldwide.

Check out the full Cappuccino Crunch below:  

1/ Dubai: £2.94 / Hong Kong: £2.94

2/ Paris: £2.84

3/ Seoul: £2.77

4/ Singapore: £2.69

5/ New York: £2.67

6/ London: £2.57

7/ Bangkok: £1.75

8/ Kuala Lumpur: £1.73

9/ Istanbul: £1.62

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