Community service, probation for couple who blocked bus in Causeway Bay

Screengrab via YouTube.

They should’ve waited for the next one.

A couple that caused scenes of mayhem in Causeway Bay after they missed a bus have been slapped with non-custodial sentences at court, according to reports.

The man involved was handed a community service order, while his female partner was put on probation for blocking a double decker bus in Causeway Bay last year after they were unable to board the vehicle.

Defendants Wong Hei-yin, 29, and Victoria Ng Ka-yee, 31, were sentenced at Eastern Magistrates’ Court yesterday after they were earlier found guilty of obstructing traffic.

Wong was cleared of assaulting a pedestrian who tried to move the couple off the road, reports.

The incident in question happened at around 11:30pm on October 6, when a bus the couple were trying to catch outside the SOGO shopping mall left without them.

The couple stood in front of the bus for about 15 minutes, and at one point Wong can be seen fighting with a bystander who tried to get the couple off the road. Wong was charged with assault, but was cleared.

According to, Wong was given 140 hours of community service, while Ng was put on probation for a year, told to get psychiatric help, and to take part in community activities.

A lawyer representing Wong cited a report by the probation officer, saying that Wong felt remorse for his actions, and wanted to apologise to the people affected.

Ng, meanwhile, represented herself, saying she would accept the probation order.

Magistrate Leona Chan told the court that obstructing traffic usually carries a maximum penalty of three months in prison and a fine of HK$2,000 (US$255).

However, Chan said that this case was different as the couple caused the disruption on a busy weekend evening, and a deterrent sentence was needed because individuals cannot use the pretext of defending their own interests to neglect the welfare of others.

Too right.

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