CINEMAX presents: ‘Girls who love *um, *uck, *wallow, *low’ in disgusting new commercial

We hope someone at CINEMAX gets fired for producing and airing this monstrosity of a commercial advertising its new programming theme of “Pin Up Girls”, which will air Sundays at 10pm (that’s 9pm in Thailand and Indonesia, and 11pm in Malaysia). 

The 30-second-long ad shows a montage of scenes from various films featuring sexy women doing sexy things and men reacting to said sexy women doing sexy things. Apparently these women are, according to the ad’s text, “girls” who love “cum”, “suck” (or “fuck”?), “swallow” and “blow”, with the first letter of each word so very tastefully censored by a tube of lipstick (which has the added bonus of introducing a nice phallic touch). 

What is this whole “Pin Up Girls” theme about anyway? Are they just going to pick a new movie that features an attractive woman performing fellatio every Sunday? Because that’s what we’re getting from this ad. 

What in the actual *uck, CINEMAX?! What were you thinking?! 

According to their website, “CINEMAX is a male-skewed 24-hour commercial-free premium programming subscription service that packs entertainment with a bold, honest and unapologetic attitude”. Well, we think this may be one time an apology is due. 

HBO Asia, which owns CINEMAX, has not replied to our request for comment.

Feel free to email HBO Asia at or call now TV at 1833 888. 


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