China files: Watch citizens break the fall of a 7-year-old who fell 8 stories with a bedsheet (Video)

Screen shot from video published by Chengdu Evening News. Via YouTube

“A kid is falling down.”

This was the rallying cry that brought together a group of nine residents in the city of Chongqing on Tuesday evening when, up above, a child was spotted dangling from an eighth-floor window.

A shopkeeper who witnessed the incident, which occurred about 5.20pm, told Chengdu Evening News that initial shock soon turned to action, as the child, shivering, unsuccessfully tried to pull himself back inside the building.

A bedsheet was requisitioned and held taut.

Soon after, the child lost his grip on the window ledge and fell, hitting the sheet with such force it split in two.

Taken immediately to hospital, the child was reported to have suffered significant injuries but survived thanks to the bedsheet.

According to the outlet, police in the city, which is in southwestern China, are still investigating why he was hanging outside the window in the first place.

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