Canine Cab: Adorable dog tours Hong Kong from front seat of owner’s taxi

Screenshot: HK01 via Youtube
Screenshot: HK01 via Youtube

Like most dogs, Piggy, a black mongrel, is really into car rides. Unlike other less fortunate pups, however, Piggy gets to ride in a car all … damn … day.

As the beloved pet of a local taxi driver, Piggy sits in his owner’s cab for most of his rides, taking in the sights and (presumably) sticking his head out the window. This adorable pup has probably seen more of Hong Kong than some of the city’s human residents.

In an interview with HK01, Piggy’s owner, Mr. Wong, said, “When the cab’s empty, he sits in the back. When there’s a passenger, he sits in the front. He never distracts me and never barks at people. Lots of passengers love him, and the ones who have dogs at home often play with him. […] Sometimes people call me up just so they can take a ride with the dog!”

“I’ve had dogs for many years. Piggy is gentle, obedient, smart, friendly — my favourite kind of dog,” Wong said. ” I adopted him as a puppy from the SPCA and we do everything together… not just work, we eat together, exercise together, wash together.”

At the moment, taxis are the only form of public transportation that allows pets on board, but, as any pet owner can tell you, cabbies still have the option to reject them. As a pet owner, Wong says he makes a point to pick up “anyone waiting for a taxi with their pet”. Cheers, Mr. Wong. We need more cabbies like you! (And also more pictures of Piggy.)

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