Cadbury HK releases tone deaf, racist clip advertising new flavours of Dairy Milk

There’s no denying Hong Kong ads can be pretty weird. Oh, the plaque on our teeth is actually made up of microscopic monsters? No biggie.

Then, every once in a while, a commercial will be so outrageous that it makes you wonder how many people approved it without question. Such is the case with this Cadbury ad, which was brought to our attention by a diligent Coconaut:


So this compelling Ad pre-played on youtube today, and it depicts a Computer Generated Black woman rapping in a chocolate suit because this is the best angle to sell such a good. #holunhellBONUS QUIZ TIME: Once again, some Hong Kong Ad Agency has, with the approval of Cadbury Dairy Milk:A) created something questionably racist.B) took a fat steaming squatting shit on Hip Hop.C) shown that Hong Kong is indeed (in the Dbag voice) ASIA’S WORLD CITY~D) all of the aboveComments blocked on the channel, so I’m pretty sure they are going to take this down after Coconuts Hong Kong writes about it after seeing it here:

Posted by Gold Mountain on Thursday, 8 October 2015

The 15 second spot, which was made to promote new flavours of Dairy Milk, shows a CGI anthropomorphic Fruit & Nut chocolate bar rapping and dancing in a cinema. 

Not only is the appearance of the chocolate bar quite obviously designed to look like a black woman, but they’ve even kitted her out with white gloves as a throwback to blackface. We don’t even want to talk about the travesty that is the “hip hop” jingle. 

Commenters were also quick to point out the strategic placement of the nuts on the dancing chocolate bar, but also how illogical it was to design a black character to then rap in Cantonese. 

At time of writing, the ad has been viewed nearly 477,000 times on Youtube, but comments have been disabled. It appears that the commercial was made by Cheers HK, a local advertising agency. We wonder if they’re also responsible for the similarly bigoted and ignorant ad for Hong Leong bank that came out recently depicting a Chinese male actor as a Filipina helper (complete with accented Cantonese and brown face). 

Let’s also not forget this Nescafe ad campaign from 2012, or the controversial Darlie toothpaste, which until 1990 was called Darkie and featured a wide-eyed, grinning caricature of a black man with white teeth as its mascot. Its name in Chinese remains “黑人牙膏” to this day, which literally means “black person toothpaste”.

Upon the name change in 1990, Darlie even released a campaign to reassure Chinese-speaking consumers that “black person toothpaste is still black person toothpaste.” Heaven forbid we make cultural progress! 

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