Busted: Hong Kong tourists make up tuk-tuk robbery story, but cameras show they didn’t even get in tuk-tuk

Photo: Tourist Police

It’s true that the Thai police are a bit slow when it comes to high-profile cases, but false robbery report insurance scams? They’ve got those on lockdown. That goes double for scams caught on CCTV.

Cut to a press conference yesterday (Thai cops love press conferences) in which three young Hong Kongers were trotted out for public viewing after they were caught in a lie after claiming they were robbed by their tuk-tuk driver outside Central World shopping mall on Saturday.

Photo: Tourist Police

How do we know they made it all up? Because CCTV footage showed they never even got into the tuk-tuk in question.

The men were identified as Kai Hay Cheuk, 26; Ching Bor Wu, 23; and Tsz Kwan Chui, 24. They admitted to lying in order to make an insurance claim after police presented them with  footage that clearly showed them getting into a rental car back to their hotel in Saladaeng.

Photo: Tourist Police

The hotel’s CCTV tape also showed them arriving safe and sound in a Toyota Yaris, not a tuk-tuk.

As for the three iPhones, two cameras, and THB45,000 cash (about US$1,410) the “tuk tuk driver” had supposedly stolen, police found it all in their own hotel room.

We don’t want to say the police are extra proud about this one, but the tech-savvy department did make a graphic explaining the case.

Photo: Tourist Police

The three men have been charged with filing a false report and are set to be deported and blacklisted from Thailand.


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