BREAKING: Coconaut snaps photo of man POOPING at Prince Edward MTR station!!

Nope, we couldn’t believe our eyes either, but apparently this photo – taken from a safe distance by a Coconuts HK fan – really does show a man taking a dump inside Prince Edward MTR station today.

The Coconaut, who requested to remain anonymous, said the grey-haired man dropped his HUGE y-fronts at around 1:42pm today. Our readers are nothing if not precise about the time.

The seemingly unashamed commuter simply prepared his tissue paper (we thought he was on his phone at first glance) while Hongkongers hurried past him on the stairs and held their noses in disgust.

Our source said he was about to alert MTR staff to the sticky situation when his train came. 


Does anyone know if he finished the job in one piece?

Oh hang on… that sounds wrong.

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