Bizarre pics of man ‘kissing people’s feet’ on the MTR shared widely

Photo: Tai Po 大埔 via Facebook
Photo: Tai Po 大埔 via Facebook

Since the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve seen plenty of photos of the amusing and resourceful ways that Hongkongers are protecting themselves from germs, with some (full-body astronaut costumes) more effective than others (snorkels, bras, a surgical mask worn over the eyes).

Last week, a new set of “man on the street” photos started making the rounds online – but instead of depicting some ingenious distancing method or DIY hygiene measure, the pictures showed a man apparently kissing the bare feet of various MTR passengers. We’re not here to judge what gets people going, but between the public health crisis and the (reported) lack of consent, this is alarming, to say the least.

Photos of a bald man removing a young boy’s sock on an Island Line train were first shared on a Facebook group for Shau Kei Wan residents last Thursday afternoon. In the caption, the poster said she saw the man get on the train at Shau Kei Wan, approach two schoolboys and begin talking to them.

Photo: 筲箕灣人筲箕灣事」via Facebook
Photo: 筲箕灣人筲箕灣事 via Facebook

“The kid with the backpack was smart and stood up very quickly, but the other one didn’t react as fast. […] The bald guy took off [the second boy’s] shoe and sock, kissed him on the sole of his foot, and got off the train at Sai Wan Ho,” she wrote. “After he left, I went over and gave the boy a disinfectant wipe to clean his foot and asked him if he knew the man. He said no.”

Despite the fact that he physically harassed a child in a public place – during a goddamn pandemic, no less – the man apparently continued riding the rails, footloose and face mask-free. Later that day, a member of a Tai Po Facebook group shared pictures of a similar-looking bald man kissing and rubbing his face against the bare feet of an adult man in a red T-shirt.

According to Headline Daily, the poster wrote, “[the red-shirted man] couldn’t escape and was gripping onto the poles to stop [the bald man] from pulling him to the floor. The rest of us passengers kept a safe distance and were watching it as if it was a performance.”

We have so many questions, namely: “Why?” and “Hey man, is your name Zac Efron? Because this is Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile”. We’re not shaming anyone’s kinks, but we do have a problem with people who harass children, ignore consent, and endanger the health of others. Sadly, we don’t have any answers, but please let us know if you have any more information about this man and his reign of toe-tal terror.

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