Arrested chalk flower girl released from children’s home but placed under curfew

Girl on the night of her arrest (

The 14-year-old girl arrested and sent to a children’s home for drawing a chalk flower on Lennon Wall has been placed under a curfew but allowed to go home.

The teenager, who was detained on Dec. 23 for criminal damage at the former Admiralty protest site, spent two nights in the children’s home before being released on bail.

Under a court order, she has been allowed to return to her family, but must stay inside between 10pm and 6am, and can only leave the house in the company of her father, sister or a social worker.

She’s basically been grounded by the government.

Despite her so-called criminal damage only taking the form of a chalk flower, police applied for a care of protection order that placed the girl in the children’s home. These orders are usually only granted in extreme cases such as drug abuse or child prostitution.

In a completely separate case, a 14-year-old boy may also be removed from his family after police applied for a care of protection order following his arrest, along with dozens of other activists, in Mong Kok on Nov. 25.

If such harsh measures are meant to act as deterrents, however, they don’t seem to be having the desired effect. According to Ming Pao Daily, the girl says she has no regrets and will continue to support Hong Kong’s pro-democracy Umbrella Movement, even if she can’t participate in person.

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