Six people injured after double decker bus mounts sidewalk

Photos via Facebook.

Six people were injured after a double decker bus collided with a van and then mounted a sidewalk in Tai Po yesterday.

According to HK01, passengers taking the the 75K Kowloon Motor Bus (KMB) had to get out of the vehicle after it hit the rear of a white van and ran off the road.

Dash cam video of the collision shows the van also spun 180 degrees on the wet road after it was hit just before 5:30pm yesterday.

After hitting the van, the bus — which was driving along Ting Kok Road towards Tai Po — swerved, and ended up in the bushes near the Education University of Hong Kong.

HK01 reported that the while white van was carrying passengers, all six people who were injured were on the bus, including five bus passengers and the driver.

A woman surnamed Lee, who was one of the passengers on a bus that was behind the 75K bus, told the website that they were stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour.

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