21-year-old hospitalised after jumping into sea to retrieve iPhone

Earlier this morning, a young man was hospitalised after he took an impromptu early morning dive to retrieve his smartphone. #OnlyinHongKong

The 21-year-old was walking along Kwun Tong Public Pier at around 5am today when he accidentally dropped his iPhone into the water, Apple Daily reports. We guess whatever had captured his attention so much wasn’t our articles about the dramatic increase of garbage in Hong Kong’s waters, because he apparently launched himself into the sea to get the device back.

Look, we know iPhones are expensive, but to paraphrase the wise words of Ron Weasley, “He needs to sort out his priorities.”

Passersby called the police and firefighters, who rushed to the scene to fish the man out of the water, with his (probably irreparably damaged) phone in hand. As a result of his impetuous stunt, the man reportedly swallowed too much seawater and ended up feeling ill.

No shit. (Well… not literally, there probably is quite a bit of shit in the water.)

He and his precious phone were taken to hospital, and while we’re not optimistic about the phone’s chances of survival, we’re sure its owner will be just fine. Physically, that is. Emotionally, we’re not too sure.

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