A Banner Week: 2 pro-democracy messages unfurled on Beacon Hill in five days

A black banner on Beacon Hill reads “Hongkongers add oil, resist, avenge.” Screengrab via Apple Daily video.
A black banner on Beacon Hill reads “Hongkongers add oil, resist, avenge.” Screengrab via Apple Daily video.

Two huge banners calling for an investigation into police brutality and urging Hongkongers to keep resisting were unfurled on a prominent rock face in Kowloon over the last five days.

The most recent case involved a yellow banner — measuring 1.5 meters by 10 meters — that read “Investigate riot police, it’s the Hong Kong people’s wish.” It was found draped on the side of Kowloon’s Beacon Hill at 8am on Wednesday morning, Apple Daily reports.

The message came just a few days after another banner was hung from the same hill on Saturday, Ming Pao reports. Firefighters were called in to take down the three-by-25-meter black banner, which read “Hongkongers add oil, resist, avenge.”

The words were references to slogans favored by Hong Kong’s anti-government protesters, who have waged a seven-month campaign for, among other things, democratic reforms and police accountability.

The slogan initially began as “Hongkongers, add oil!” a popular Cantonese cheer of encouragement. It soon evolved, however, into “Hongkongers resist” as authorities intensified their crackdown on protests and introduced a controversial ban on face masks under a draconian colonial-era emergency powers law. Following the death of a university student who sustained a brain injury in fall during a police dispersal operation, the slogan evolved yet again into “Hongkongers revenge.”

It’s not clear who was responsible for the latest banners, but the practice of draping boldface political messages on the city’s prominent hillsides has become common over the course of the protest movement.

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