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Hong Kong is a hotbed of awesome news, and Coconuts Hong Kong is here to bring it to you fresh, juicy, and fast, in a concise and often humorous manner. While we pride ourselves on our all-encompassing content, it’s no secret that news is our bread and butter, which is why most of our stories on the site falls under this category. From the political wrangling going on in Legislative Council, to the demonstrations on the streets, to the crazy crimes you just can’t make up, the weird viral stories that are blowing up on social media, the adorable (and sometimes daft) animals and the wacky weather, if it’s happening in Hong Kong and it’s worth talking about, you’ll find it all here. Want to check out no-frills election coverage? We’ve got you. Feel like watching a local firefighter save the life of a newborn kitten? It’s right here, folks! Maybe you want to know when police are running jay-walking operations to avoid getting slapped with a fine. Again, it’s in the news section. And we haven’t even touched on the stranger-than-fiction stuff that goes on in our “weird” subsection yet, like that time a Stormtrooper was seen traipsing around in Central and Mong Kok. Not only do we endeavor to bring you news about anything and everything going on in Hong Kong in an accurate and timely fashion, we also try to throw in a bit of fun when appropriate – after all, what’s life without laughter? Rest assured if we can make a joke or take the mickey without upsetting anyone too much, we will.

A note to the readers of Coconuts Hong Kong

Dear Coconuts Hong Kong Readers, As you may have noticed, we have not been updating the Coconuts Hong Kong site as frequently as we once did. We understand that this may have caused some confusion or concern among our readers, and we would like to...


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