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Northern District

When people talk about the rather straightforwardly named Northern District, they’re normally referring to the cluster of towns and villages surrounding Fanling and Sheung Shui, where roughly 70 percent of the district’s population resides. However, the Northern District’s massive size (it’s the biggest district after the Outlying Islands) also covers 38 little islands, most major access points to China, and a rolling expanse of green hills and rural farmland. As the second least-populated district (a title lost once again to the Outlying Islands), there’s more space than you can shake a stick at here… and also plenty of sticks. If you’ve often found yourself lamenting Hong Kong’s lack of historical artefacts, then you’ll fit right in at the Northern District. Here, you’ll find heritage trails, still-populated walled villages, and ancestral halls as far as the eye can see. Nature-loving Coconauts are sure to love a day out in the Northern District as well, what with the abundance of hiking trails, mountain bike rentals, and biodiversity. To get your fill of fresh fare, head to the Rainbow Strawberry Farm in Fanling, where you can pick organic berries to your heart’s content from January to April, or either Zen or Mapopo farms for their organic veggies and bread-making classes.


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