Whisky is here: The coolest way to celebrate the end of Game of Thrones

Photo: Johnnie Walker
Photo: Johnnie Walker


The critically-acclaimed HBO television show Game of Thrones reached its epic conclusion after eight seasons back in May, and it’s been the most controversial season yet. Loved it or not, it’s safe to say we’re all feeling just a little empty from the best TV series of all time meeting its demise. If you, like us, are still in the business of mourning and/or celebrating the penultimate season, Johnnie Walker might have an ice-cold solution for you. If you haven’t already heard, White Walker by Johnnie Walker is the latest blended scotch whisky in the lineup of Game-of-Thrones-themed whiskies, and it’s available right now. 

Aptly named after the show’s most threatening characters, the whisky promises a chilling experience reminiscent of the Long Night. Like the actual icy, glowing blue-eyed antagonists from the show, this whisky is best served frozen. The same way you’d want to conquer a bottle is the same way you’d take down a bunch of the undead — with an army of your own. Whether you’re drinking in celebration, or to forget that takeaway coffee cup, it’s the perfect accompaniment as you rewatch the series, so send a raven and invite your friends over for a glass.

Photo: Johnnie Walker
Photo: Johnnie Walker

That’s not all though, as the limited edition blue and white bottle utilizes thermochromic ink technology. Spoiler alert, you’ll be met with the positively chilling reminder that “Winter is here”, which appears on the bottle when you retrieve it from north of the wall (your freezer). The iconic Johnnie Walker Striding Man also looks just a tad different, sporting icy-blue eyes and armor reminiscent of the Night King’s own. Definitely a collector’s item to have if you’re an avid Game of Thrones fan. 

So we know the bottle is really cool (pun intended), but how does the scotch itself taste? Well, expect notes of caramelized sugar and vanilla, fresh red berries with a hint of orchard fruit — perfect for mixing, if that’s how you like your whisky. It also features single malts from Cardhu and Clynelish, one of Scotland’s most Northern distilleries. When asked about the vision (worthy of the Three-Eyed Raven) behind the whisky, blender George Harper said, “Whiskies from Clynelish have endured long, Scottish winters, not dissimilar to the long periods endured by the Night’s Watch who have ventured north of the wall — so it was the perfect place to start when creating this unique whisky.” 

Photo: Johnnie Walker
Photo: Johnnie Walker

To that we say, Valar Morghulis (that’s “all men must die” if you don’t have a dictionary for High Valyrian handy), but before that, it’s worth having a drink as we wait with bated breath for the prequel to drop. Just ask the folks behind Zentral, who hosted their own White Walker themed party. Everyone looked super cool, all decked out in their Game of Thrones garb, with White Walker by Johnnie Walker flowing all night. You’ll just have to see for yourself what went down!

Check out the video below:

If you’d like to feel like a Khaleesi (pre-season 8 meltdown), White Walker by Johnnie Walker is available now until supplies last. We’re sure you’re waiting to hear about a price, and you don’t need to borrow from the Iron Bank to own this. It’s going at a suggested retail price of HK$438 for a 700ml bottle (41.7% ABV). 

You’ve GoT to get on this. 

As your Master of Whispers, we counsel that you head to Johnnie Walker’s Instagram to keep up with the latest Johnnie Walker news.

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