WATCH: ‘Luxury’ apartment tour pokes fun at the horrors of renting in Hong Kong

Between the “luxury” flats where you can’t even close the door to use the toilet, HKD7.6 million parking lots, and developers who think that squat toilets belong in bedrooms, it’s no secret that the Hong Kong property market is an absolute joke. And now, someone’s thought to make it a funny one.

Comedy group Mamahuhu just dropped a Cribs-style “luxury apartment tour” which mines humor from the absurdity of the Hong Kong property market while blessing us with a spot-on impression of early 2000s MTV. Starring Hong Kong comedian Garron Chiu, who delivers lines like “I’ve got a room fit for a king… who sleeps on a twin bed” without a trace of irony, it’s got us laughing while simultaneously feeling sorry for ourselves.

In the sketch, Chiu (who you may recognize from his Comedy Central appearance), begins the tour in the living room “playa’s lounge”, where he scores topical points by quipping, “That’s right, you can fit five people in this living room as long as one person stands. Whatchu gonna do Carrie, arrest me?”

He goes on by enthusiastically bragging about his “vintage 1970s Panasonic air conditioner”, “two-in-one shower toilet combo”, and “private outdoor area in the clouds” (read: concrete rooftop fenced with barbed wire), which feels all too real for anyone who’s ever rented an apartment in Hong Kong. The illusion was shattered when we clocked the fancy bidet attachment on the toilet, though.

It’s the first Mamahuhu video set in Hong Kong, but it certainly won’t be the last. Cast members Mohammed Magdi and Andy Curtain recently moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong to open their new comedy club, The Riff, so they’re in for the long haul. Speaking to Coconuts Hong Kong, Curtain said the group plans to make weekly Hong Kong videos, with many of the sketches filmed and ready to go.

What with everything that’s going on right now, we could all use a laugh, and Mamahuhu couldn’t have come along at a better time. (For us, anyway. They probably don’t love having to keep their brand new club closed.) We can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

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