The 4 types of online fortune readings Hongkongers trust the most




Do you want to know what destiny has in store for you? Are you willing to tempt fate and find out if you end up with someone tall, dark and handsome or if a big promotion is just around the corner? We are! Like so many of our fellow Hongkongers, we don’t care about the spoiler alerts of life. That’s probably why so many of us are turning to the mysterious ways of online fortune tellers for a little sneak peak of what might lie ahead. And there are so many different types of readings out there in the vast world wide web. Here we’re breaking down four of the most popular. Perhaps one of these readings is in your future?


Tarot cards

You’ve probably seen a scary movie or two featuring these ominous looking cards. Tarot is one of the most famous readings globally. Tarot cards trace their history back to ancient times but their actual origin is kinda mysterious, according to some really old dusty books we totally read. Some say tarot cards hail from Egypt, Italy or even India. The deck has for suits and certain cards that don’t belong to any suit. In fact, in the early stage, Tarot cards, or Tarocchi in Italian, were used to play a game called Triumph.

The rules of reading tarot cards are also different from region to region. But the most important thing to remember when it comes to Tarot reading is that both you and the reader must be relaxed and really put your minds on the cards. Don’t overthink it, just let each card tell you a little bit about your future. Browse some tarot card experts and see what’s in the cards for you.


Love reading

Love reading isn’t a specific type of reading like tarot cards or palm reading. In fact any type of reading can be a love reading, if the topic, is, well, love. And we can’t deny that love has such a huge impact on all our lives. That’s why love readings are also one of the most popular topics in Hong Kong.

It might seem like mostly girls are into love readings (they probably just want to know when society will stop pressuring them to get married!) but guys can also benefit from a romantic intuition. No matter who you are, when it comes to love issues and you don’t know where to turn to – like when you’ve exhausted the advice of all your friends – getting a little help from a fortuneteller isn’t a bad idea.

Sometimes it’s good to hear advice from someone else, someone who hasn’t heard you complain that the text was read but not replied for the millionth time. (Don’t you hate that!?) Chat with the love gurus of Hong Kong’s fortune telling scene about all things love-realted during a live stream reading.



How amazing it is that the belief about numbers varies so much from country to country. The pronunciation of the number 4 sounds like the word death in Japanese and Chinese. This eerie coincidence means that buildings often don’t have a level 4 or room numbers that include the number 4. Nine represents advancement for Thais (because of the pronunciation as well). The fact that numbers are everywhere –  in our our phone number, address, birthday, time – make numerology another mysterious yet fascinating way to predict your future.

Across Southeast Asia, it’s not uncommon for people to always be on the lookout for numbers to play in the lotto. Got in a fender bender with a car? Use its license plate. Two headed lizard born in your village? Use its birthday! Who knows when or why some numbers are lucky. Oh wait, these guys know! Consult Hong Kong’s numerology masters for an online reading.


Palm readings

The only tool for this type of reading is in your hand. (Duh!) Palm reading, or palmistry, is also popular among Hongkongers and the rest of the world. It has its roots in Greek mythology. The palm readers usually read and interpret your character and the prediction of the future from the lines on your hand (usually your dominant hand).

There’s the love line, wealth line, life line and more. For example, if you have the cross on the middle of your palm, it could be interpreted that you tend to be a successful person with a strong mind. Ok, we know you’re looking at your palm right now. (Maybe some of this fortune telling talent is rubbing off on us!) Did you find that middle line? If not, don’t fret, there is so much a trained eye can learn from your palm. Check out palm readers from Hong Kong and around the world online now.

Lucky for us getting in touch with fortunetellers is easier than ever, thanks to the world of web 4.0. You can now just go to and choose whatever type or reading you like, have a chat with a fortuneteller live and watch your future unfold. Just like that! Crystal balls optional.


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