‘Naked men’ art installation coming to Hong Kong despite being shelved after suicide

Given the frequency that people commit suicide by jumping off tower blocks in Hong Kong, it’s hardly surprisingly that an art installation of life-sized figures standing on top of the city’s buildings was shelved last year.

What is surprising, however, is that it’s been given the go-ahead again.

The SCMP has revealed that Antony Gormley’s famous “Naked Man” statues will indeed be coming to Hong Kong in November.

The original plan was halted in February last year after a JP Morgan executive jumped to his death from Chater House. The building is owned by Hongkong Land, who were to sponsor the installation.

Hongkong Land is no longer involved in the project, but other major property owners are said to be offering their rooftops for the so-called “Event Horizon” exhibition.

The first show of its kind took place in London in 2007, when Gormley erected 31 fibreglass statues made from casts of his own body (narcissistic much?) on iconic London buildings.

The artist, famous for his huge Angel of the North sculpture in northeast England, is expected to visit Hong Kong for the launch of the event.

Photo: Marc Smith


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