Too Late to Say Sorry: Justin Bieber abruptly cancels the rest of his tour, including his concert in Hong Kong

Without even a hint of being sorry, pop sensation Justin Bieber declared he will not be touring Asia after all, to the disappointment of the legions of Biebsters chomping on the bit to see him as part of his Purpose World Tour.

The 23-year-old has abruptly cancelled his remaining tour dates, including his anticipated concerts in Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines and Singapore this September and October. The official press statement attributes the cancellation to “unforeseen circumstances”, but a tour source who spoke to TMZ noted that the popstar is “just over it”. Classic Bieber.

Or perhaps Bieber’s punishing the whole of Asia after China banned him from playing there due to his “bad behavior”.

Tickets to his show at the Singapore Indoor Stadium just went on sale last Saturday, but we imagine concert promoters Unusual Entertainment will be issuing details for refunds some time in the near future.

While fans may be heartbroken, Bieber’s staying chill about calling off his 14 remaining tour dates. The man was spotted relaxing near the beach in Santa Monica hours after dropping the news, telling TMZ reporters that he just needed some rest.

“We’re gonna ride some bikes,” he said, as if he hadn’t just disappointed stadiums worth of fans in Asia.

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