Ice, Ice, Baby: Top 5 Hong Kong celebrity ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos

Today, you probably thought “Man, I really haven’t watched enough rambling ALS ice bucket challenge videos!” Luckily, we’ve found more for you to watch. We’ve picked some of our favourites, featuring Hong Kong personalities subjecting themselves to a good drenching in ice water, all in the name of raising money and awareness for ALS disease.

Here’s our Top 5

#5: G.E.M.

We love Cantopop star G.E.M.’s humble, stripped-down version with no gimmicks.

#4: Jay Chou

That bucket is pitifully small and we think that wearing a beanie is cheating but… we appreciate that it’s indoors (and not in a bathroom, either). Yes, we know he’s not from Hong Kong but he might as well be our national Karaoke anthem singer.

#3: Eason Chan

His reaction is pretty priceless. We wish that we too could have an entire posse/film crew there to film our own ice bucket challenge.

#2: Andy Lau

This is definitely one of our favourites for high production value, multiple angles, dramatic slow-mo effects, and the fact that Lau can’t seem to decide whether to speak in Mandarin or Cantonese.

#1: La Chiquitta

Last but not least, in the most fabulous video of them all, we have La Chiquitta: the city’s self-described “first and only recording drag artiste, most sought-after showgirl and most photographed drag queen”.

ALS, short for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, affects the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord, causing them to degenerate over time. Stephen Hawking is perhaps the most famous sufferer. It is not a communicable disease and the causes are not well understood.

Click here to learn more and donate to the ALS association.

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