Baying crowds notably absent at Hong Kong’s Apple Watch try-on

The Apple Watch try-on launched with a bit of a fizzle this morning as a notable lack of colossal queues were seen in Causeway Bay.

Rather than overnight campers and a river of rubbish in the aftermath, the store saw only a trickle of would-be watch wearers coming in to try on the tech giant’s new offering.

The watch, which comes in two sizes, three colours and a bunch of bands, is available for pre-ordering right… about…. NOW!

They range in price from HKD2,728 for the standard Apple Watch Sport, to an eye-watering HKD129,800 for one with an 18-carat gold casting.

Those ordering today can expect their watches to be delivered by April 24, subject to availability, of course. Heaven forbid there be enough for everyone lest they seem less exclusive.

Despite the relatively small turnout this morning, Angela Ahrendts, senior vice-president of Apple’s retail and online stores in Hong Kong, told the SCMP that she still expects demand to exceed their launch supply. Naturally.

Photo: Wired

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