Dragon Boat Fest: The making of Little Creatures’ Dragon’s Blood




If we were to randomly ask people in the Fragrant Harbor what events they look forward to every year, there would be a ton of different answers. But we’re confident that the Dragon Boat Festival would be at the top of the list. This ancient festival also known as the Double Fifth Festival, is held annually every fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. It has a long history dating way back to the story of the minister Qu Yuan from the Zhou Dynasty who drowned himself in the Miluo River. Legend has it that the locals were rushing and racing in their boats to save him and that’s how this festival was established.

Now, the festival is known as a unique combination of ancient Chinese traditions with modern sporting competition. It unites not just the spirits of all Hong Kongers’ but also people from all over the world in a truly exciting experience. The rowers’ hearts pound fast along with the sound of the drums. The energy rushing through the crowds is palpable, along with the sound of cheers and chanting.

It’s no wonder that this annual event caught Tom Champion’s attention. Tom, the head brewer of Little Creatures Kennedy Town, was fascinated by the event since he first brought Little Creatures to Hong Kong in 2016.

Tom’s love affair with hoppy beer and salty water started back in his coastal hometown of Fremantle, Australia. Now, he’s fulfilling his destiny (we like to think) by staying close to Hong Kong’s shoreline, as he brews at Kennedy Town.

This year, Tom joined the Dragon Boat Festival with a team of rowers to experience one of Hong Kong’s most unique festivals in person. He was even inspired to create a special brew called Dragon’s Blood to share with his teammates and festival goers. The single keg concoction is specially brewed to be refreshing and perfect for gulping down after a long, hot ride on a dragon boat. Most importantly, Dragon’s Blood is a symbol of perseverance and team spirit. Thirst-quenching and soul-quenching!

Watch the video and see why Hong Kong’s Dragon Boat Festival is more than a fun combo of sports and ancient traditions; it provides an “overwhelming sense of community and togetherness”.

At the end of the day, the Dragon Boat Festival represents the spirit of the people and the community. It’s about giving back and supporting one another; Hong Kongers from all cultures and walks of life. And so, to show their community spirit, Little Creatures wants to give you something. The first 50 people to walk into Little Creatures Kennedy Town and proclaim the Coconuts secret code “Creatures love Dragon Boat” will receive a free draught beer. Thanks Little Creatures!

Imagine a glass or two of refreshing Little Creatures beer at the end of a long day. Rewarding, right? Find more information on their Facebook page, then go ahead and book a table, sit back, relax and let Little Creatures work its magic!

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